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Recipe: Creamed spinach

I just love a delicious & creamy spinach.. It is so good, and fits well with pork.

I sometimes make it at home, and when I do – I love it, when it is cooked in, to a creamy sauce.

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11 great spring shoes

Spring i s finally here♥

The weateher is still a bit unsteady, but when it is warm and sunny – it is really warm, and it s time to switch to lighter & thinner footwear.

Yesterday I was in Copenhagen .. It was a wonderfull weather. I had black ankel boots on, as I didn’t how the weather would be, when I left home in the morning.

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Recipe: Honey glazed carrots

Delicious garniture for your dinner♥♥

These carrots are super delicious & crispy – with a nice taste of rosemary 🙂

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Recipe: Sweet potato fries

I just love sweet potatoes, and I eat them as often as i can. They are so delicious, and you can create a lot of delicious courses with sweet potatoes..

I often make the sweet potatoes as friesin the oven, and eat them with mashed avocados ♥yummy♥
They has this delicious sweet taste.

Sweet potatoes are very healthy – so just eat loads of them 😉 They are filled with fibers, beta-carotenes & A + C vitamins.

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